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Onion Clicker is a Javascript Incremental game developed by Cory. You can find news and information on my Neocities Profile, you can also follow me there to support the game! Email me to report bugs and glitches.

NOTE: This game updates very regularly and many bugs and glitches may be present. If you come across one, please wait a bit and refresh the page a couple times before reporting it to me.

If the game has updated, but it isn't updating for you, then do a hard refresh, which is CTRL+SHIFt+R on PC or COMMAND+SHIFT+R on Mac.

Music: Pix - Hello, it's Me!
Remember to tuun on sounds in the Site's Settings which you can access from the lock in the search bar. Turn off sounds if you don't want to hear the music anymore.
Current Version: 1.2.4

πŸ”§ Versions

Mobile Onion Clicker
The mobile friendly version of Onion Clicker, made for phones and other mobile devices that are too small to use Onion Clicker. The mobile version updates later than this version.
Original Onion Clicker
This was the original Onion Clicker, this is what it looked like when it launched, the good ol' days of version 1.0. This version came out mid 2020.
Classic Onion Clicker
The very first version of Onion Clicker, created in early 2020. The older versions are on another website.
Official Newslog
The official news and changelog for Onion Clicker. Used to date any big or small updates that have happened to Onion Clicker.



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