News Log (WIP)

Onion Clicker's official changelog.
Logs all updates on news tab. Most updates are not noted and some features mentioned in updates could have been removed or changed.

Dashboard Rework! - 1st August 2022

Updated Dashboard!
-Added Global Chat
-Added News
-Updated dashboard style
-Updated Events
-Updated About
-Updated Versions
Added more Settings
Added feature where you can see upcoming Events

Design Remaster - 19th Februaury 2022

-Added background music
-Added sound effect when purchasing shop item
-Onion resizes when clicked and hovered on
-Added gradient to purchase button
-Added clouds in the background
-Added day night cycle background colours (full cycle lasts 12 mins - 6 mins day & 6 mins night)
-Added auto save & load

3 Year Anniversary Celebration! - 15th June 2022

New confetti and rainbow background. You can get x2 Onions per Second and Onion per Click! And even +20% Onion Making Speed. So you can make onions every 800 miliseconds.
-Added Dashboard
-Added Names to sections in Dashboard and the Store
-Added Tools
-Added a rake tool that increases Onions per Click by one when purchased. Can stack forever.
-Added a GifyPet!
-Added website buttons!

Christmas Update! - 1st December 2021

Updated the game to add some christmas spirit! This doesn't boost anything, but it looks nice at least.

Creation of Onion Clicker! - 26th June 2019

Onion Clicker was created.
It featured automatic progression - the more onions you had, the more onions you would make per click.