Onion Clicker

Created By

Cory W

Programmed By

Cory W

With Some Help From





And More

Made With


Audio By

Don't have any audio yet RIP

Tested By

Rhys R

Riley H

Bleys R

Special Thanks

My Parents

One of them gave birth to me

Onion Room

Has onion in his website name, so that's pretty cool I guess.


His website showed me what a marquee is. If I didn't know what a marquee is, you wouldn't get to experience these super epic credits.

Onion Moment

Also has a onion in their name. But they never update their site.


I made the site, so it seems fair. Even though I've already credited myself twice.

Everyone From My School

Thanks for giving me a majority of my websites views.

And You...

Thanks for playing Onion Clicker!